Autumn has arrived at the Knock Gallery

Autumn is one of the best times to see the view of Lochnagar and the Dee Valley from the gallery. The golden, rusty tones of birch, aspen and beech contrast against the green of the pine forests. Dark Lochnagar mountain looms in the background, often with a dusting of snow at this time of year. Albert’s Cairn, a stone pyramid built by Queen Victoria in memory of Prince Albert, can be seen on the hill to the left.

A misty Lochnagar in Autumn looking out from the Knock Gallery

A misty Lochnagar in Autumn looking out from the Knock Gallery

A new Lochnagar by Andrzej Tuźnik is in progress


Andrzej Tuznik is painting a new Lochnagar painting for us. It will be 60 x 60 cm, oil on canvas, and will be similar to the one pictured here. We are really looking forward to seeing the finished piece in the gallery.

Andrzej was born in 1974 in Poland. He graduated in 2000 from the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, obtaining an MA diploma in painting with the Dean’s Distinction Award. He worked as an artist painter at the Juliusz Osterwa Theatre in Lublin, between 1998 and 2005. Andrzej currently lives and works as a artist painter and graphic designer in Gdansk and is a member of The Association of Polish Artists and Designers.

To enquire about the painting, please contact us. To view some of Andrzej’s other work, please visit the artist’s page here.